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3D Airport View

ARTMACS’s Visual Display System (VDS) is a subsystem built for 3D image generation and display. Image generator is PC based on the latest hardware and software products and 3D technologies.

The simulator meets high fidelity ATC tower training environment, realistic scenario generation, adjustable time-of-day, weather, and seasonal conditions.

The field-of-view (FoV), size and type of displays are completely scalable. Ranging from computer or TV screen to front or back projection, from 45° to 360° FoV, any solution can be used to meet customer’s visual system requirements.

VDS is the next generation subsystem for assisting in training by providing full high definition and accurate simulation of all possible scenarios. By supporting all the latest features, technologies and hardware, the quality of the simulation is outstanding.

Smooth day-night and weather transition, realistic airports and aircraft 3D models will fully immerse trainees into the simulation. VDS is a multi-channel image generator, trainees can visualize the entire operational area of the airport using several screens or projectors, while still using 1080p full HD displays.

ARTMACS Visual Display System (VDS) - for 3D image generation and display
Low poly, highly realistic 3D Models
Binocular and infra-red view


Nighttime simulation
Shadows are realistically displayed according to visibility (fog), time-of-day and cloud coverage
Collisions with damage only or with explosions can be simulated (sound is also provided)

Visual effects:

Engine on fire
Smoke trail
Flock of birds