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About CDS

Canadian Data Software (CDS) is a private company based in Toronto, Canada.

CDS is specialized in providing complete business solutions for Air Traffic Control simulation industry, using state of the art information and telecommunication technologies. We have a talented cadre of engineers, designers, developers and personnel with a high level of Air Traffic Control knowledge. This includes air traffic controllers and instructors who have been working in air traffic control with several agencies. They have extensive training and ATC simulation experience in some of the major training centers in Europe, Great Britain and United States.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction, our way of doing business, our service and support and our innovative products lead to a superior client experience. We believe that each client has a unique environment, requiring a unique solution.

At CDS, we view ourselves as a partner, dedicated to our clients and responsible for their satisfaction. Having the project development department in Eastern Europe, CDS offers competitive products for much more reasonable prices.